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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  October 15, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and winchester. the rain ending this evening will drop into the lower the's overnight, hanging onto cloudy overnights. friday and the weekend? i've got that for you in a few minutes. >> a lot of the rain just came down in sheets. during the afternoon crews found street flooding as they try to make their way around the area. team coverage on that from northwest. are in the brookline neighborhood, historically one of the hardest hit by heavy rainfall. throughout the morning the rain has been waxing and waning. at one point earlier today the intersection was under six or seven inches of water. it receded quickly. we saw the storm hit in alexandria. the rain came down very hard, very fast, it became very difficult. in the intersections there was a
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lot of standing and cooling water as we moved into the city. we caught up with people in the neighborhood, especially a group from richmond who were helping a relative move. the water pooled so quickly that every time they tried to venture out, they were driven back. >> it was really coming down when we arrived, it has left up. it just keeps coming in waves, we have seen it come and go. one bit of positive news from this neighborhood, i have been covering the storms in the flooding here for two decades and the locals told me that usually with rainfall like this, they would be inundated. the city has spent a lot of time, effort, and money trying to improve drainage and it is apparently working. >> looks like we can take it
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away. in rosslyn and in the front -- see pat for the airport we it overhead but we never hear the airplanes. today we heard plenty. outside we shot this video at around 1230. the folks were running for cover , we had more on this storm damage in virginia coming up. don't go away. any storm damage that you recorded in your area, love the photos that you took for the videos that you shot. put it on the facebook page and we will check it out. >> ebola in america, president obama is meeting with members of his cabinet right now to talk about handling the a list in the u.s.. that meeting comes less than 24 hours after another nurse was diagnosed with the disease. with theman is here latest. >> a lot of concerns now with this second nurse i noticed.
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amber vincent was just flown earlier today to atlanta for treatment, one of 77 people working with the initial deceased patient in dallas. the problem, among many, is that this past friday, the same day that her colleague among others was diagnosed, this nurse flew to cleveland and on monday flew back to dallas on a commercial flight with 132 other people. the very next day, she tested positive. they are now trying to talk to those other passengers and are considering more intensive monitoring for the first group of doctors and nurses. the president canceled his trip to new jersey and connecticut and, as you mentioned m.i.t. is holding a meeting at the white house to plan the next move. >> the president was not able to host the meeting and travel in the same time. what we have always indicated is that the president of the united
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dates is present wherever he if therue 24/seven, but president determines that it is necessary for him to return to the white house to fulfill his responsibilities, he will alter his schedule accordingly. >> we are waiting to hear from the president at any moment. him some sort of direction -- direction on what is next. despite calls for banning travel, the white house says they will not do that, saying that that option is off the table because it would hamper the ability for health-care workers to travel back and forth and in the meantime they are intensely watching for of the other initial 77 other health-care workers that they say are most at risk right now. >> thank you, scott. we have not had any cases in our area, but fairfax county does not want to take any risk, they tell us. some students are
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being screened, diane? new policy went into effect at nearly 200 schools in the fairfax county school system this past friday. officials tell us that they implemented the policy as a precautionary measure after aboutg growing concerns the virus. there are basically two parts to what they are doing here, one of which affects students to go to the health room. if you have a high fever you will be asked if they have been to one of the affected countries in the last 21 days. if they say yes they will confirm the information with the parents and the health department will follow up with additional screening. flex while we are not anticipating any ebola cases, we believe that this does provide an added layer of protection. it is a commonsense measure to ask a question about recent travel. >> coming up at 5:00 we will have more about these policy
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changes and here for more that share more from parents about what they have to say. >> ok, diane, thank you very much. current events always fuel hollowing costumes at this time of year, but ebola themed costumes are starting to raise some questions. they are becoming big sellers. this is the topic of our question of the day -- do you think that ebola themed halloween costumes are appropriate? log onto the facebook page and let us know your thoughts. >> new at 4:00, prince williams county police are hoping that you can help them find a man who raped a 17-year-old girl. greta kreuz is at the live desk with more details. >> that's right, this is what the police told us this afternoon. officers were called to a neighborhood last night in woodbridge for an incident that
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happened it would ridge this past weekend. the 17-year-old told investigators that she was walking home near palo creek will hard and patrick henry drive when she says she was of coached by an unknown man. during the encounter the girl told police that the man forced her into a nearby wooded area, where he raped her. police are looking for man missing is 30 years old, six feet all, 200 pounds with a medium build, medium complexion, and short medium dark hair. the gore -- the girl told a friend yesterday who then took the teenager to the hospital, which is when police were notified. tom is on the way to woodbridge and we will have much more at 6:00. ok, thank you very much. also in montgomery county tonight, prosecutors are charging a 14-year-old as an adult after he allegedly shot an 18-year-old girl back in july.
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police believe that it was a gang-related attack. we are live in the satellite center with more details. an easywas not decision. the judge spent the entire day interviewing witnesses and reviewing his -- her juvenile record. she decided that the alleged gang member belonged in the adult system. you are looking at some video here. police say that back in july he ambushed a t -- group of teenage girls as they walked down this street at four in the morning when he allegedly pulled down a handgun and fired at least three shots, hitting one of the girls in the back and arms. luckily, she survived. john mccarthy says that charging teenagers as adults is rare, especially in maryland. he said that the judge here felt convicted. >> this is not a decision that is made lightly. there are lots of statutory
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factors to be taken into consideration. there was a probate hearing before the judge before she made the determination. >> supposedly they planned the shooting to seek revenge on a snitch. at 5:00 hear from his own grandfather, who says the teenager is out of control. live in the satellite center, kevin lewis. >> thank you, kevin. the house has voted over 50 times to repeal the affordable care act since it first passed and now there is a lawsuit targeting members of congress using the build. >> thousands of employees signed up for obama care out of the d.c. exchange as a small business, employing 45 each? a group called judicial watch has filed a lawsuit of fraud. that story is coming up on abc seven news at 5:00. >> see you soon. in the meantime president obama
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is coming to maryland, stumping for anthony brown ahead of next month's election, hoping to become the next ever he is running against a republican mayor. asthe dow went down as much 458 once today at one when, but was able to make a bit of a recovery. numbers were still fluctuating a bit in the moments after the markets closed. looks like it ended the day 170 points lower. virginia is laying off 500 65 state orders to help close a projected budget deficit for the current fiscal year. most of the cuts will come from the department of corrections. they plan to close several correctional facilities, sell 27ate leased plane, leaving vacant trooper police positions vacant. state liquor store prices will also be increased. , new details about the metro plan to let you pay by
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phone. >> a nasty morning on the road. why might you have been late for work? >> and problems for users. >> first, does this picture remind you of anything?
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check out this image of the sun. doesn't it look like a? went -- jack-o'-lantern? they capture the image last week . the spots that look like the eyes come of the nose, and mouth, those are the most active regions of the sun. the combined altar wire -- ultraviolet wavelength you produce that spooky image. >> that is pretty cool. >> good timing on that one. >> metro is looking to give you more options to pay for a ride. ask only a lucky few will be lucky enough to be part of the pilot program that let you pay with your smart phone. >> interesting story with our hectic, fast-paced lives, this kind of technology lets you select about 3002 test this new payment system.
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of transit cards, bank cards, and mobile wallet will be used to wire the banks or metro where -- metrorail. at this time only the shady grove parking lot is involved. does this sound good? or too good to be true? all smart trips for everyone, including visitors. the best way to pay, according to some, is the reliable paper ticket, the tried and true method that has worked for multiple decades. honest with you, i use amtrak, smart home to pay for a ticket. and i also you -- also like to use my smart card or metro. join the conversation on our facebook page and tell us what you think. those of you familiar with this technology will know that you can actually -- and i have done is the or, though it is not recommended, if the train is pulling up and you are in a rush
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, you can pull it out and i have done it, go on, buy the ticket, show the code to the conductor. >> really? >> as long as you have reception. line todoes standing in get a ticket and missing the train. >> here it is. this is my metro card. this makes sense , more sense than getting it every day. >> the charge for entire metro train trip. [laughter] >> it can get high. >> the silver line metrorail is on track. transit authority board members signed off on phase one today, the plan is to extend it out to dulles international airport. officials say that they are about its months behind schedule , but they plan to have the project completed by 2018, as
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originally proposed. >> not one, but two accidents, making quite a headache today on the beltway. the one on the elway was on the inner loop just after this her. , tractor-trailer jackknifed spilling fuel on the road. no one was hurt, but it took a few hours to clean everything up. tractor-trailers cause the flipped over and cause the problem on 216. one person has minor injuries from that rash. >> let's check on more right now from the traffic centers. i am seeing a lot of red. >> lots of slow traffic this afternoon on the beltway, tysons , and on the outer loop. 66 west of the belt way, the lanes are open. the toll road west bound, a crash on the west side has traffic quite slow this afternoon.
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in the district, plenty of volume in both directions. headed south past humphreys, also quite slow. woodbridge, interstate 95, that has been cleared. on the right side coming out of showing just one blaze with them for the afternoon. >> thank you, it has been busy for you. >> for the whole team. the thunder? >> talk about the timing. everyone -- everything pretty that weed in on time were right on target.
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it will clear out somewhat here, but look at the rain. the areas and have it -- and rain are the heaviest downpours in them baltimore metro area jill headache there with the amount of rainfall definitely affecting northbound rainfall. temperatures diminishing receiving, that is good news. as far as pictures, very mild. often the temperatures plummet when the front moves through, but not so with this. 60's, near 70's. it again last night, almost an inch and a half in martinsburg. 3.5 reported in orange. four inches of rain on that
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farm. it started late last night. through the evening we will drop into the upper 50 possible that. by 9:00 the range is totally over and there should be some sunshine out there with mild temperatures. back to the west, not terribly cold, it gets cooler when you get back to chicago. the reason for this, the upper level low pressure center associated with the storm is pretty much stationary where indiana is sitting and spinning. this is wrapping up the cold air and until this starts to move it will not bring the cold air eastward. a nice few days temperature wise , sunshine in the morning, showers are a possibility here. the futurecast, you can see the cloud rotation through tomorrow morning. in the afternoon in the flight we could see a couple of showers eventually getting us through the next three days with
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sunshine and pleasant conditions as we head towards the weekend. wait until sunday, the cold air is coming in. >> thank you so much. wedding pictures showing john f. day,dy on their wedding now up for auction. the negatives capture the couple at their fairytale wedding in rhode island. they were married in 1950 read, one year into his first term as a u.s. senator. to bidding is already up nearly $4000 and ends at 7:00 night. bind, first ladies newest lady, she hasrst a new video out that is going viral. probably because it features her dancing with the turn it. she did it to a spoof of a popular rap song. >> turn it for what -- turn it
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for what. >> i have checked it out and i was laughing out loud. that the good. [laughter] during the twitter question and answer session, moments after she finished in the white house garden they had more than dirty 8 million views. >> i wonder if he'll make anyone a try turnips? very cute. i never know. let's still to come, some of the most popular shows on television. how might you be able to watch them without it engaged yellow? >> we want to remind you about a national town hall debate. your voice, your future, tomorrow night. you could in part of the audience.
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>> trending now, a new way to watch tv has plenty of people dropping their cable service, but one channel thinks they have a way to keep evil paying. >> on a dreary, rainy day like today, just curl up on the couch, catch up on your tv shows -- something where you can cherry pick where you want to watch? ,> shows like boardwalk empire you can actually turn off po and
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turned to the internet guarding next year. >> the ceo for hbo announced that they would he tapping into , theynline video viewing are calling it a huge market that could bring in millions of dollars and they don't on it to go untapped. >> just a few months away from being able to watch it go on your computer overseas next year. is this live streaming? we have been live streaming our past for over a year or two now. you can catch us on the television or online starting at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> thank you very much, ladies. one of the most popular shows of hollow wean his right here tonight, the great duncan, tonight at 8:30] the toy story of terror at 8:00. 9:00, modern family. nashville rounds it out at 10:00.
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you find out that that show is on, it just kind of makes you smile. >> exactly. >> you know that it is almost following. , googled last maybe all the rage, but why are some saying it is too addictive? >> with less than one month to thethis poll shows how much president may be able to give other democratic opponents. >> storm came through northern virginia and a hurry, leading to this, coming up we will talk to the man who
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>> more rain is making its way through the area. wars with problem earlier in the day, bringing plenty of lightning and thunder. >> let's get right to our chief meteorologist. >> the snow is tapering off around here, which is good. that start with an image they shared with us on twitter. lightning struck, just a really nasty storm, a lightning strike in arlington at the beginning of the segment think of the raineast, we have seen the but the areas and yellow and red are the heaviest, moving up to the baltimore metro area. rain for another hour, hour and a half, coming to an end as we head to the evening hours.
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in the national harbor we had hands and waves of rain through the afternoon coming to an end, and through the evening it will be mostly cloudy. >> you got it. those storms brought down some trees in the area, as you might expect. what about these downed trees in alexandria? >> kind of an amazing scene here in alexandria. this is a honda fit, a tree went right into it at 11:30 -- excuse me, 12:30 this afternoon. i am joined by taylor fleet, the man behind the wheel. come on in, if you would. tell me what happened. >> i was driving down the street and waiting or the stop sign. i heard a crack and it was the chickens. >> i know that this might sound like a silly wes chen, but what was your reaction, especially so suddenly?
4:32 pm
>> i just got out of the car, opened the door. made sure i was ok. now?u are totally ok obviously we are glad to hear you are doing ok. what will happen next the car? >> not quite sure yet. >> thank you for talking with us. we are glad you are doing ok. truly an amazing thing out here in alexandria area there was also a great deal of storm activity that took place in other parts of northern virginia , including a lightning strike caught on video that you will only see on a b-17 is -- abc 7 news at 5:00. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> thank you for that, jeff. the other big story this afternoon is ebola. a second nurse from the dallas hospital where a man died is now on her way to atlanta for treatment. martha gonzalez is in dallas monitoring the situation.
4:33 pm
what is the latest? >> that is right, the second health and worker to be diagnosed will be heading to the university hospital in atlanta, a biocontainment unit specialized in treating ebola patients after we are told that she first came down with a fever yesterday and immediately drove herself to the hospital and within 90 minutes we are told that she was isolated and later she was confirmed to have ebola. we are told that they will continue her treatment here in dallas. it is still not clear how despite the growing protection here they were both infected while carrying -- caring for thomas duncan. there are other concerns that some of the other 75 health your workers who were involved in his treatment may also have been exposed to the virus. we are told that they are all still being closely monitored. >> all right, now there is just this extra level of concern amidst reports of restricted travel on a commercial flight to
4:34 pm
cleveland, right? >> we are told that one day before this health your worker started showing anthems, she was on a flight from cleveland here to dallas. it was before she was showing symptoms, health care workers say that there is literally very little risk that anyone of rain may have been exposed, but as a precaution the cdc is contacting all the passengers who may have been on the flight. >> marcy, thank you very much for the latest. we will be checking in with you in the future. >> went you're concerned about ebola these days, even if they are taking proper -- proper precautions. >> he has been to west africa all the, documenting heartbreak he has seen. coming up we introduce you to a maryland man who is not feeling the impact now that he has returned home.
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screening is starting for passengers coming into the airport tomorrow. we will have more starting at 4:30 a.m. inhealth alert, the dog is -- "the guardian" is reporting a sale your who suffered from "google glass withdrawal." treated forrson internet addiction caused by this device. the paper said that he experienced withdrawal after entering a substance abuse program. he reportedly used it for 18 hours a day for two months. >> got to the point where it said that he would dream of himself wearing the glass. he dreamt of himself wearing it. i that's incredible. >> all right. you know, folks, sometimes it can be hard. >> but should you face jail time for letting your garden grow? we will take a closer look at that, coming up. will take a closer look at that, coming up. >>
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museum of national history hosted events today where
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scientists explain how they excavate in the field. the dinosaur hall was closed this year for renovation. kids many things here for in d.c. that makes it really unique. >> this is a great ways for kids to grow up. >> absolutely. >> speaking of doing things outside, if you are overgrown with weeds, how accountable should you be? localtennessee there is a law against having an overgrown yard. a judge threw a woman in jail for. we have the reaction from social media. >> it certainly was an interesting debate. it appears that at least one judge took the matter very seriously. they say she was not able to properly maintain them because of emily problems.
4:40 pm
the judge didn't want to hear it and handed down a five day jail sentence that was later reduced to six hours behind ours. some of the comments from our nashville, notin far away -- "no justice for those who deserve it. no one , just lende anymore a helping hand. >> they will talk bad about the yard, but will not lend a helping hand to a woman in need. they are trying to make sure that their houses and neighborhoods are not just running rampant, but sometimes things go a bit far. feelan tell us what you about the judges decision. did he go too far or was he justified? you can go to our facebook page. this isthat interesting, she offered to do five days of community service -- fairly generous -- the judge
4:41 pm
did not accept it. said you had served time in jail. .he did serve >> she could have done the community service going through other people's lawns. >> that would have been a productive use of time. >> interesting. >> i am going home. >> the water today? [laughter] >> thank you. >> coming up next at 4:00, ghosts and goblins are one thing, but what about ebola zombies? what about some ebola themed >> first,costumes? the president and the midterm elections.
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>> authorities are promising partial investigation into the eating where officers were caught on video in hong kong kicking a man over two weeks ago. police knocked activist to the ground and arrested dozens of
4:45 pm
the victims at the hong kong government headquarters. in the states, one month away from the midterms, president obama's approvals are at the lowest levels since the president took office. >> karen has a look at how the theing popularity plays on campaign trail. >> president obama was scheduled to hit the trail today for his first midterm campaign event. foras canceled last minute an emergency ebola meeting at the white house. threatf that virus, the from isis, and other domestic and international right sees have added up to a mess for democrats. a new washington post poll found that the president's job approval rating is at the lowest of his. americans believe the president is leading the country in the wrong direction. 77% of americans say that they are worried about the economy and that his approval ratings are at career lows when it comes to his handling of immigration,
4:46 pm
international affairs, and terrorism. >> the president is a bystander because no one wants them there. ask the white house insisted that the president is not disappointed that so many candidates are distancing themselves. >> the president obviously has a lot on his ladies days but he is looking forward to the opportunity of campaigning before the midterms. >> including trips to wisconsin, pennsylvania, maine, and michigan. but the races do not really matter. , president will be nowhere to be found. ratings matched those of george w. bush heading into the 2006 midterms, that lost 30 seatsns in the house and six in the senate. >> we know a lot of you have questions about the threat from
4:47 pm
isil. we want to help you get some answers. join us tomorrow night at 8:00 forsenate. >> we know a lot of you have questions about the threat from isil. we want to help you get some answers. join us tomorrow night at 8:00 for a live town hall meeting. your voice, your future. [no audio] >> this might be a good time to talk about what we're checking out today. next, trick-or-treaters, kosten connected to a deadly disease. >> when it comes to dealing with deadly ebola crises, it is hard for many to find humor is a serious topic. as you justices, however. patients, zombies, even workers, as mentioned at the beginning of the show. we would like to know what you
4:48 pm
think about all of this. relax, not be so uptight. others say that there is nothing funny about it. teresa says that it is scary, great costume. others say that humor sometimes makes it easy to deal with scary things. you can join the conversation by going to our wjla face page and telling us what you think. back to you. x thank you. >> still to come on the news at live to tommygo mcfly, where it is the red carpet premiere and we want to know if brad pitt is going to be there. >> you want to know that. [laughter] >> one of the seas oldest restaurants makes an impressive list. >> and worse we will have much more of the storm damage around the area. from crushed apartments is -- crushed apartments the flooded streets, coming up at 5:00.
4:49 pm
ask it was a real mess out there. >> it sure was. most of the washington metro area is finished east of baltimore. in another couple of days it may be fairly pleasant. moving through, but the first things first, a look at our rooftop cameras with rain on the lens. 70 degrees at reagan national air or, temperatures are plenty mild and they will stay mild, slightly above for the next several days. the rain has been moving steadily into the northeast, indicating the heaviest bands. this is the final one pushing away from the area behind areas of study rain south and east of the city behind these few patches. the ring pattern will remain cloudy with areas of law tonight. frederick, 66. 67 in fredericksburg.
4:50 pm
66 in the district as well. as far as the other numbers go, look at the rainfall totals. just a couple of spots. far inches in the system so , a little bit less, an inch and a quarter rainfall in manassas. cloudy skies tonight, patchy fog, 55 degrees to 61 degrees, the cold front has allowed a surge endlessly up the coast. the colder air is to the north and west of the upper level low, nice days and the shower tomorrow, cold air arriving on sunday. tonight, fog in the morning with isolated showers and groups of sunshine as we had through the friday looks nice with some sunshine, maybe a sprinkle on saturday as a cold front comes in with colder air.
4:51 pm
sunday, highs in the upper 50 on sunday. the chill is there, it is just been held back. >> looks like it won't be the rain on monday. >> just a sprinkle or two. >> well, time for a check on our traffic situation at this hour in the traffic. >> lots of volume as we travel today on the -- on this windy afternoon. out of tyson at 270, 355 headed eastward, a lot of volume. the same with interstate 95 in both directions, a crash on the southbound side, the fire department was there before new york avenue. the northbound lanes are open. 66, it is just volume towards centreville. falls church, headed for the woodrow wilson bridge as well near eisenhower avenue. dale city on interstate 95, the
4:52 pm
traffic is moving quite well. montgomery county and connecticut avenue we have volume to the east on the inner loop headed towards silver spring, nothing in the roadway. >> thank you, bob. the 7 on your side, toyota has recalled 7 million vehicles, most of them sold in japan. sedansalls involve lexis made between 2005 and 2010. at issue are potential problems with brake and fuel components. dealers will replace the parts free of charge for you. >> coming up next, a trip to the casino turns into a wild
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>> these are sharks just off the shore of the outer banks last week. an amazing site. about 100 sharks were in that water. and this nutty guy walked right up to them. >> what a site. my goodness. >> they will do anything to get on the news. recoverings are after a bus ride to a connecticut casino went horribly wrong. >> a passenger reportedly went on a rampage overnight, stabbing people in their seats. it got even more violent after that. karen travers has more. >> the bus was traveling from the new york chinatown area to connecticut. at 10 p.m. state police received several 911 calls from passengers on board saying that there was a urban. >> it was a situation where people be -- people were being physically harmed. -- pulled old over
4:57 pm
over. >> we knew it was a situation. >> as the state trooper approached, the suspect and the passenger were engaged in a physical altercation and rolled onto the pavement. he refused the trooper's demands to put down the weapon and then began advancing towards the officer. it was then that the trooper responded. >> he struck the suspect and through a strike for the witness with one of the rounds. lacks the weapon deflected off the apron and struck a witness who had been stabbed by the sus act on the bus. two others on board were stabbed and hospitalized. >> the suspect later died in hospital but because of that is unclear police said the suspect was harming himself with a sharp weapon on the bus.
4:58 pm
>> and we are going to begin on stormwatch -- the rain came down heavily across the metro area. have team, we coverage because the rain is sticking around. >> during the height of the storm, a tornado warning was issued. >> before we look at the damage, let's get to doug hill. are we in the clear? >> we are in the process of clearing the rain from the area. for the first time this afternoon, there is no rain out id studios in arlington. the lower bay and eastern shore, the last heavy band of rain continues to move through the baltimore area. just a few scattered showers are left behind. most of it is over and you see the push of moisture continuing to the south and north, but the whole area is being pushed from the east and northeast and we
4:59 pm
will have a cloudy night with a little bit of fog. 1.20 nine inches in dulles. 3.29 in winchester. very heavy downpour, but the rain coming to an end as we speak and the rain will end with cloudy skies and temperatures dropping into the lower 60's. share thehappy to brighter weather coming our way in just a few minutes. >> a huge tree fell on an apartment building in laurel. horace holmes is there live. is everyone ok? >> two people were inside, but let's take a look at this tree. very, very huge tree. at about 1:30 this afternoon -- you can see some better shots of the tree. it just came down and crashed right into this apartment complex.
5:00 pm
inside the apartment complex in the middle section with his three-month-old son. downree came crashing through it and he was able to get out but he has quite a story to tell. coming up at 6:00, we will talk with him. he snapped some pictures from inside his apartment and we will show you those. but he just barely made it out with his son. now, they are back there trying to cut the tree down and shore up the building because it he cause will stop -- it is unsafe. >> thank you. .he rain moved in so quickly stephen tschida continues are covered from the district where they saw some rapidly rising water. >> we are in the line neighborhood. this is the community that takes one of the hardest hit in heavy rainfall like today.


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